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Two Health Plans Choices

Manulife’s FlexCare & FollowMe plans offer a unique combination of Canadian health benefits that provide you and your family with comprehensive coverage to suit your budget. You can even get information, a quote or even apply online. Flexcare is for people who don’t have any coverage now and rates want medically underwritten and comprehensive insurance. The FollowMe plan is for people who are leaving their group employer health plan with no medical underwriting if they apply within 90 days of employer coverage ending.

Canadian Health & Dental Insurance

Gum disease of tooth decay is just some of any dental problems that can occur if you don’t get regular dental care. Not all health and dental insurance plans offer the right amount of coverage needed to maintain your dental health.

Here is a rough idea of the average costs of common dental costs in Canada:

X-Rays: $150 to $250
Cleanings: $150 to $250
Root Canals: $800 to $1200
Filings: $50 to $150

When people don’t have dental coverage, they may not visit their dentist as much as they should and therefore increase their risk for serious dental or gum problems. Dental health is a vital part of your overall health and personal well being.

Regular dental appointments every 6 or 9 months are especially important for children. Regular dental evaluations and cleanings can prevent serious conditions that may require expensive treatment later on in life. You can choose a dental insurance plan that can cover you and even the rest of your family. We offer supplemental health insurance plans that also offer dental protection.