Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage

If you plan to visit Canada from abroad or even from the USA, it is important to make sure that you have some emergency medical coverage as you will not be covered by the provincial government health plans. While you may think that medical expenses in Canada are inexpensive, they are not – especially for those not covered by provincial medical policies. Thus it is important to buy some Visitors to Canada coverage before you arrive in Canada, but it may be possible to do so even after you arrive.

The website owner, TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., offers TuGo’s Visitors to Canada travel medical insurance. Visitors to Canada Single Trip Hospital and Medical Coverage is an Emergency Excess Hospital/Medical insurance coverage that covers Insured individuals visiting Canada for single trips. All premiums are in Canadian dollars. Note that COVID-19 related claims are not covered. Pre-existing medical conditions are also not covered and we recommend you read the plan terms and conditions when you obtain a quote online.


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After making payment online, you will be able to print your travel insurance policy confirmation online – it will contain the policy and claims information you need to take on your travels.

Policy Options

The following options are available with most of the plans listed above:


Insured individuals may obtain coverage for additional days for their single or annual insurance policy by purchasing an extension. Extensions are available prior to or after departure, subject to certain conditions.


Insured individuals may upgrade their plan duration or coverage options after purchase. Upgrades are available prior to or after departure, subject to certain conditions.


Individuals who have coverage for a portion of their trip under other health insurance plans may purchase Travel Underwriters travel insurance as a “top-up”, which covers the individual for the full duration of their trip. Top-ups may only be purchased prior to departure.


TuGo’s Visitors to Canada plan is available to non-Canadian residents who are not covered by provincial medical plan and are already in Canada or are travelling to Canada and require coverage. Other restrictions may apply – please consult policy booklet.

Special Travel Insurance Quote Requests

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For other requests or questions, simply call TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. at 800-232-9415, or email the via our Contact Page.


TuGo is a Canadian based travel insurance company that can handle and examine all insurance claims on their travel products. TuGo rely upon their professional case management team, utilizing a highly-trained group of physicians and surgeons around the world to provide conscientious intervention at every point of contact.

If you purchased a Travel Underwriters travel insurance product and need to make a claim, simply contact Claims at TuGo at 1-800-663-0399. They can handle claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

From USA or Canada (Toll Free)

Call Toll-Free: 1-800-663-0399

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Call Toll-Free: 001-800-514-9976

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Call Toll-Free: 800-663-00399

** To use this Global Toll-Free service, first dial the international access code for the country you are in, then enter the 11-digit toll-free number as shown above. Service not available in all countries. If you encounter problems accessing this service, please call Travel Underwriters collect at 604-278-4108.

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